Council Member Dan Halloran is participating in the experimental Participatory Budgeting program. PB is a process which allows the taxpayers to propose projects to be funded by discretionary funding and vote on the ones they would most like to see happen. The process is nearly complete, with the final vote taking place next week. Everyone 16 years of age or older in the District is eligible to vote.

Watch a story about Council Member Halloran’s PB process on NY1

See the list of projects on the ballot and find out where to vote:

Vote Flyer

PB Project List

A message from Council Member Halloran about PB:

“I’m proud to be one of the first Council Members to engage in the experimental Participatory Budgeting process, which has been rolling along since the fall with great input from lots of constituents. I believe very strongly in government transparency. These projects are all worthwhile, especially because they came from the people. We’ve all learned a lot. This year’s project, which will determine how we spend one million dollars, is nearly complete and taxpayers will vote very soon on the winning project. I encourage everyone to come out to vote and participate in government.”