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[pullquote]I have publicly opposed this ban since it was introduced, for exactly the reasons stated in today’s ruling. ~City Council Member Dan Halloran[/pullquote]Halloran Stands with Bayside Business Owners, Praises New Soda Ban Ruling

Council Member Halloran praised today’s ruling on the soda ban, which was issued just after he stood on Bell Boulevard to show his support for local business owners faced with the ban.

Halloran Spokesman Kevin J. Ryan said, “As with the Crisis Pregnancy Bill and the taxi medallion sale, Council Member Halloran has once again been proven right in calling an idea from the Mayor unconstitutional. In this case, the ruling correctly striking down the soda ban mirrors exactly what the Council Member has been saying from the beginning, including just a few hours before the ruling came out: it’s effect would be disproportionate. He was right. The soda ban left the judge flat.”

Video from over 1 year ago.

Council Member said, “I have publicly opposed this ban since it was introduced, for exactly the reasons stated in today’s ruling. The effect would be, as Judge Tingling said, arbitrary and capricious. I’m proud to have been part of the amicus brief along with Council Members Oliver Koppel, Fernando Cabrera, Letitia James, and Robert Jackson, which clearly had a tremendous impact. It’s absolutely the correct ruling and I congratulate all the petitioners, including the Korean-American Grocers Association, who operate many stores in our District. But what’s important is how we move forward. We must help our business owners any way we can. I will work with my colleagues in the City Council to make sure a law like this never passes again. It has been a waste of time and resources. We must help and encourage our small businesses every way we can. Our small businesses are the engine that drives our economy. This soda ban, and all excessive burdens on business, is like the government putting sugar in the gas tank.”

Council Member Halloran also appeared on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto to discuss the ruling

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