Public Safety

Promotion of Individual Rights and Responsibility- The cornerstone of our Constitution is the notion that we live in a society predicated on Liberty – eliminating endless bureaucratic overlay is helpful- for the government that governs least, governs best.

But beyond that, the Police and Politicians need to be accountable and responsible to the People. Government should be transparent and EXPLICABLE to the citizenry. There should be no arcane or mystic quality to fiscal expenditures, local laws, or how government accomplishes its goals. “Joe the Plumber” (to borrow from the federal election debates) should be readily able to grasp the fundamental basics of what government is doing and how it is spending our money and protecting us.

You shouldn’t need to be a lawyer to understand your rights and ensure they are protected- from being able to make an addition on your house (see local zoning nightmares) to what the cops can and can’t do when they pull you over for a traffic infraction- its about protecting and safeguarding the rights we citizens are endowed with by our Creator – INCLUDING the right to keep firearms in our home for self defense.

Our politicians shouldn’t be staying in office to make money for themselves, but should be engaged in safeguarding our tax money for the benefit of the People, to ensure a smoothly running and efficient government, and the advancement of the ideals of our Republic. Adherence to the Framers Intent in reading the Constitution – walks hand in hand with the ideas of limited government, separation of powers, the nature of the Bill of Rights and importantly the first level premise that over-taxation and trampling of common-law rights are what lead to our Revolution from England.