I propose merging and incorporating the 113 current city agencies into 46, which will save in simple bureaucratic terms -top commissioners, staff, offices, and general administration costs roughly 6-9 billion dollars over the course of each mayor’s term. This money can be put to work making real improvements to our infrastructure, repairing our roads and and keeping transportation running smoothly. Constant stop-gap repairs and endless half-measure work only makes matters worse, resulting in increased emergency spending and more taxes. Saving money wasted and putting it to work in the right areas is the way to reduce taxes overall.

There will likely be other savings as efficiency is improved through staff and resource sharing and better coordination and think-through processes in developing plans and goals.

In addition, the complexity of the agency overlap and authority turf-wars will be reduced by 50% and that will likely also lead to improved morale, less wasted resources in in-fighting, and may also give the average citizen more responsive and fully-answered issue addressing (instead of answers from 17 different places, one stop shopping). Improving our infrastructure and transportation problems by stopping the waste won’t be easy, but your voices together with mine, can put a halt to multiple agency waste – and start putting that money where it belongs: into real no-nonsense services the taxpayers can see.