Education & Youth

Dan asks: Why in the most dynamic and sophisticated city in the world is it that we have had an inefficient school system that all but crumbled before the Bloomberg administration began making some critical inroads this past decade?

Why must our teachers make do with less, to teach more, in more challenging environments? Why are our students secondary considerations to the red-tape and bureaucracy of federal, state, and local education departments which fail to understand, much less have solutions for the unique New York City school system?

Solutions can present themselves in a variety of new ways- the expansion of charter schools, the establishment of school voucher programs, and supplemental assistance & exchanging ideas across the private and parochial school systems to make for CHOICE.

Our youth need to know that if they study hard there will be a way for them to continue after school and make it through to a college degree or technical or vocational program which will provide REAL OPPORTUNITY. Parents need to know that the hard work they put in to pay for their child’s education will not be taken away in taxes, but be there to pay for the extra school costs of college when that time comes. Making sure the money is there means cutting overlapping Government agency waste and mismanagement.

There is no support in schools for Boy or Girl Scouts (Dan Halloran has been involved in scouting his entire life and is an Eagle Scout). Scouting teaches a core set of values and provides service to others. It’s a real shame troops are closing.