Al Hagan, UFOA PresidentAl Hagan, UFOA President (left): ”We represent the 2500 Lieutenants, Captains and Chief Officers in the Fire Department, as well as almost 5000 Retirees. We are here today to proudly endorse Dan Halloran for reelection to the City Council. Dan has proven to be a true friend, not only to fire officers and the Fire Department, but to all the working people in the district.


Council Member Halloran said, “I am honored to receive the support of the UFOA and pledge to continue to work to make sure that New York’s Bravest have the resources they need when they put themselves in harm’s way to save us in our most dire emergencies. Our firefighters cannot do the tremendously dangerous job we ask of them if we don’t give them what they need. UFOA recommendations must be followed if we expect continued safety and rescue when disaster strikes our neighborhoods.

Dan Halloran at fire rallyHalloran continued, “There are many things we can cut spending on in this City, but the Fire Department is not one of them. The FDNY must maintain an adequate headcount to ensure they have the personnel to do their jobs. If the UFOA says there should be five firefighters on a truck, that’s what they must have- not three or four. It makes a huge difference in the critical response times of an emergency, when every second counts. We already have fewer firefighters than we did before 9/11, when so many firefighters-like my cousin and so many others- made the ultimate sacrifice. And in a district with mostly wood-frame homes and businesses that use gas, we clearly need to defer to the expert judgment of the UFOA. We need to continue to fight to keep all our firehouses open, as we did with Engine 306 on Bell Blvd., where there are so many bustling businesses and homes within a small area. Dan Halloran speaking out in support of fire fightersYou don’t tie the hands of the city’s heroes, like Engine 320’s Firefighter Antonio Velez who rescued a 12-year-old boy and his cat. You can’t cut funding on bravery like that.”

I thank the UFOA for their support and pledge to continue to support them and New York’s bravest.

Halloran Endorsed by NYPD Captains Endowment Association

February 22, 2013

By Kevin J. Ryan The NYPD Captains Endowment Association today announced their endorsement of Council Member Dan Halloran for reelection to the City Council. In front of the 109th precinct in Flushing, Association President Roy Richter said, “Today, the Captains Endowment Association of the New York City Police Department is pleased to announce our endorsement […]

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