NYC Sandy Victims Facing 6% Property Tax Hit After Superstorm

by admin on February 12, 2013

in NEWSFLASHES From FOXNEWS’ “Your World Cavuto” (video above):

How did this Real Property Tax Increase on Hurricane Sandy Victims Happen?


[pullquote]Not just Staten Island but South Queens, the Rockaways, Breezy Point – and some of those homes substantial devaluations occurred – complete wipeouts – 120 homes in Breezy Point alone were wiped out.” ~Dan Halloran[/pullquote]”This is the convoluted and arcane system of NYC’s Real Property tax code. They allow a cap of 6% per year of increases, but they bank the rest of it. So even in the years when there are decreases, unless you’ve caught up to what they consider market value, they’re still allowed to tack it on and that’s what they did – despite the fact that almost every elected official has said that this is not the year to do these assessment increases.

In fact Minority Leader Jimmy Otto has put in a bill, and is trying to get the speakers office to move it forward which would prevent just this sort of tax hike on properties, some of which have been destroyed.

Are These Tax Increases Performed Automatically? Don’t they think these things through?

These tax hikes are done every year without fail.

The Department Of Finance doesn’t think a lot of things through, they’re on a revenue kick, and, again, the city’s got to spend 72 Billion Dollars this year on its next budget and its got to find a way to have that money. This is one of the ways the city is able to increase its spending each year.

Who Polices These Tax Hikes Imposed on NYC Real Property Owners?

[pullquote]Are NYC Residents Hit By Super Storm Sandy Still Legally Required to Pay This Tax Increase?

“Legally these residents are required to pay these taxes unless they’ve grieved the process, but guess what? That expiration date is February 15th! You have to have your grievance in by February 15th of it won’t be considered.” ~Dan Halloran[/pullquote]I would have hoped that the Mayor’s Office would have taken a look at that. We will have hearings now with the Department Of Finance over the budget for this next fiscal year. As you know, the Mayor just proposed it.

But I’ll give you one that’s going to make you even more sick to your stomach. Look at the return address for those tax bills; it’s in New Jersey. The City of New York outsources the collection of tax revenues to a place in New Jersey, and the water bills to a place in Pennsylvania. So we can’t even afford to do the business of collecting taxes inside of the City of New York.

What Will The City Tax Agency Do to Those Who Simply Can’t Pay?

(The City of New York) has pushed forward lien sales so if there is a sufficient amount of money in liens on your property for property taxes, or for water and sewer bills, the city can come after you.

Is Mayor Bloomberg Doing Anything About This Situation So Badly Affecting Homeowners in the Outer Boroughs?

The Mayor has done a lot of things in advocating for Sandy victims in Washington. It’s time for him to turn his focus on his own administration and say to them: “Hey, have you paid attention to what I did about D.C.? Maybe we should be doing the same thing right here in our own back yard.”


The calculated 6% tax increase on victims isn’t the only thing wrong with the above picture – earlier, during and after the storm – Facebook photo link: Sandy Storm victims hit with violations for post storm damage still in progress.

So whats Dan’s solution to cut spending by City Hall? Read Dan’s Proposed Plan for the City of NY’s Infrastructure: “I propose merging and incorporating the 113 current city agencies into 46, which will save in simple bureaucratic terms… roughly six to nine billion dollars…” Learn more

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