Halloran Stands Up Against Over Development

by admin on March 30, 2011


Wednesday, 30 March 2011 20:10

Halloran Stands Up For Bayside Hills Community Against Developer, Opposes Variance

Council Member Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone) pledged today to lead the fight against a proposed variance in Bayside Hills that would alter that neighborhood’s low-density character.

Halloran met with community leaders and concerned residents of Bayside Hills today at his District Office, who conveyed their concerns about the variance proposal at 50-20 216th Street.

The corner lot was purchased two years ago by Chapel Rock Realty, a developer, and then divided into two zoning lots. The developer seeks a variance to build a two-bedroom house on the new tax lot, which will require the variance, as the lot does not meet the specifications for an R2A zone. The developer rents the existing home and will rent the new home if the project moves forward.

“This variance would fundamentally change Bayside Hills,” said Halloran. “This is a quiet community of low-rise, single-family homes. I vow to stand with the residents of Bayside Hills to uphold the current zoning regulations and preserve this neighborhood at all costs.”

To be granted a variance, the developer must meet five conditions regarding the uniqueness of the property per Zoning Regulation 72-21. But Halloran pointed out that in this instance, several of those conditions were created by the developer.

Among the meeting’s attendees were Michael Feiner, president of the Bayside Hills Civic Association; community leader Angela Fristachi; and Jack Fried, president of the 111th Precinct Community Council.

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